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The Martin Downs Ring was formed in Brantford, Ontario in 1952 under the leadership of the late Edward Cripps. Ed was a great circus fan and was a friend of many of the circus people. His idol was the late Terrell Jacobs.For many years Ed operated the Big Top Hobby Shop in Brantford where he sold circus wagon kits and where he had his 1/4 inch model of Brant Bros. Circus on display on a big shelf behind the cash register.  Ed was a modeller and with other local fans it was decided to form the first Canadian ring. It is named after Martin J. Downs who was a well-known circus man in the 1900 era. Among the several titles that he owned was Cole Bros., a name that is still around today. Other well known Canadian circus men include Andrew Downey from Stratford,  Al G. Barnes (Stonehouse) from Lobo Township near London, the Garden Family and The Great Farini who was a rival of daredevil wirewalker Blondin.
The early members included Ed, Frank McKinnon, Woody Parmenter, Jack (Map) Mailing, Walter Tyson, Paul Butler and many others the majority of whom are now deceased. Most of them were not actually modellers but they were an active and vibrant club, visiting every circus in sight and usually taking pies and other treats to the lot with them for the enjoyment of the circus people.
The Merger
In 1972 it was decided to form the first Canadian Circus Fans tent.
Most of the original members were involved with one new member in the person of A.W. (Al) Stencell, Canada's circus guy. Former owner of Royal Bros. Circus, Martin and Downs Circus, Super Circus and  Century All Star Circus. Al gave up the circus business a number of years ago and is now an author with two books to his credit.
Anyway, the final meeting to set up the tent was held at the home of Paul Butler in Strathroy, Ontario. It was decided to name it after another well-known circus man, Fred Logan from Winnipeg, Manitoba and long-time Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. elephant trainer.
And so it was that the Fred Logan Tent #119 CFA was born.
Because of the relatively small number of members and because they are spread all over southern Ontario it was decided to merge the tent with the existing CMB ring which is a unique situation. Thus on 17 September, 1972 the combined Martin Downs Ring/Fred Logan Tent was born.
Now there is mostly all new blood in the club although a few of the original members are still alive. The club now has about 50 members spread all over southern Ontario, the rest of Canada, Europe and the USA. We are still an exceptionally active club displaying our models at a number of shows each year. 
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The late Edward Cripps
Principal founder of the Martin Downs Ring

Raising of the Fred Logan Tent #119
Strathroy, Ont. September 17, 1972